Friday, March 16, 2007

The Unbogus Story

The "Bogus Story" joke, reminded me of a true story. Long time ago, my husband and I were in Kmart. He was in a bad mood for some reason that day. Now for those of you who know him, you know he usually isn't that way. (I can hear KS's "AHEM" right here:) But we were standing in a huge line, waiting to be checked out. There were lines to the right and left of us too. There was a lot of noise, people talking, sales being announced over the intercom, and carts clanging.

Anyway, he looked at me and started complaining about something AGAIN. I'm not sure what came over me! It was one of those moments when you say something, that you're just as shocked as the person you say it to! Have you ever done that? In a stage voice I said, "You have been soooo testy since that sex change operation, maybe you need some more hormone shots!!!"

It was as if the whole Kmart had stopped! Everyone became quiet, and all eyes were on us! Lines to the left of us, and lines to the right of us stopped talking and were looking!! Even the checker stopped checking, and was looking, with her mouth WIDE OPEN! She clung to the item she had just picked up, and froze. My husbands face became red, and he didn't say another word. As we were walking out of the store, he looked at me and said, "That was pretty good". I said, "Yes, I know." We never spoke of it again. Moral of the story: Don't irritate me in a public place:)


Anonymous said...

I know some how I'm going to get blamed for this, but it wasn't me . . . It was KP! lol
The Good Daughter!

Susie said... was me! I still to this day don't know why I said what I said! It was as if an alien had taken over my speech! I was as shocked as he and the other people was! Sheesh! Maybe I will delete this story:)

Anonymous said...

You are just scared that Dad will see it! Don't look at me if you lose your 1/4 of the penny in the will! grin
Love you Mommy! Get some sleep so you can play Cooties tomorrow! grin

Susie said...

Oh yes, tomorrow is Cootie day! I better practice throwing the dice tonight! You have to really practice to beat that four year old!

Anonymous said...

I can relate ......