Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm Stuck On You!

This is one of those embarrassing moments, that I hope to never have to go through again! So please, don't tell anyone, okay? This happened many years ago. I was up late one night, trying to get a few things done, before going to bed. I had cleaned up the kitchen, and was doing a load of laundry, since my daughter needed her gym clothes for the next day. My husband and daughter had already gone to bed, and I was the only one up. All of a sudden, I heard a crash in the bathroom. So I ran in there to see what had happened.

My daughter had left an empty glass on the sink vanity. Rookie, our sweet little gray cat, had jumped up on the vanity, knocking the glass into the toilet. Luckily, the glass hadn't broken....but to my horror, something else had. When I went to pick the glass out of the toilet, I found a huge chunk of the side of the toilet had broken! Now, my husband doesn't like cats too much, so I knew he would be furious if he found out. So I decided to try to repair it, before he saw it.

The chunk that had fallen out, was a little bit larger than my hand. When you flushed the toilet, it ran out from under the rim...onto the floor! I tried to think of a way to fix it. Then it came to me......SUPER GLUE! I looked in the closet, found the glue. I carefully put the glue all around the edges of the chunk, laid down on the floor by the toilet, set the chunk in the hole, and held it until it stuck. Which by the way, takes awhile for toilets! Finally, it had set, so I started to let go of the chunk....and realized that my hand was also glued, to the chunk!

Here I am, laying on the floor, with my hand stuck to the toilet! No matter what I tried, I couldn't pull my hand off! So I decided to try to pull the chunk out of the toilet. After about 10 minutes or so, I was able to bang the chunk back out of the toilet. So here I sat, with the chunk still stuck to my hand, but at least I was free! I tried many different solutions, to get it off my hand...but none of them worked.

I looked out the window, and saw my neighbors light still on. She and her husband were night owls like me. Their triplets and my daughter were friends. So I decided to go over there, to see if they knew how to "unstick" super glue. I knocked on their door with one hand...and the other hand behind my back. When they came to the door, I told them I needed help. Then went on to ask them if they knew how to unstick super glue. They said they didn't, and asked me why I asked. So I pulled my hand from behind my back. After explaining what had happened, it took them about 10 minutes to stop laughing! Neither one could talk, because they had tears running down their faces! I didn't think it was that funny!

Finally they stopped laughing, and tried to think of ways to get it off. Kim said perhaps she could call the hospital. So she did. She explained to them what had happened....and they also couldn't talk for about 10 minutes, because of all the laughter! The nurse called the doctor, and explained the situation to him, and he too laughed! After he composed himself, he gave us the number of poison control, because he had no idea!

We called poison control, and Kim explained the situation to them. Which of course, we had to wait for them to stop laughing before they could help us too! Finally they gave us some possible solutions. Kim would tell us what to try, while staying on the phone with them. Dave would run and get the toxic household chemicals, to pour on my hand. I forget now what all we tried, it was numerous! Finally after many concoctions...we were able to pry the chunk off my hand! I thanked Kim and Dave see, they were cat lovers too:)

I went home, and successfully super glued the piece into the toilet. This time without gluing myself. No one was the wiser, about the toilet!


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ahahahaha! Well, I know you guys won't tell him. He NEVER reads my blog! So, shhhhhh.....