Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Man Of God

I will post a website below to go to. It's about a man, who was born without limbs. Can you imagine the obstacles he had to conquer? He has given his life to God, and goes out and witnesses. When we think we are going through trying times, if we think of this man, and how he overcame...perhaps it will motivate us, to overcome, as he did.


Mar said...

That's amazing!
It's horrible to see how a lot of us have complains about our lifes and don't see what we have!!!

I wish you could understand my english, because I'm mexican, and I don't speak english 100%

Xoxo from Mexico.

Susie said...

Hola Mar!
Me llamo is Susie. Hablos un poquito de espanol:)Tienes seis anos de espanol en my escuela. Como estas usted? Tu hablas muy bien en english! Muchas gracias para tu commento!