Sunday, March 18, 2007

For The Love Of A Child

Many years ago, when our daughters were little, our middle daughter wanted a hamster. She picked out a Teddy Bear Hamster. He was very small, two colors, and long hair. Cute as he could be! But to me, he still looked like a mouse with long hair! Anyway, our daughter took such good care of him! She loved him immensely. She even loved him after he bit her little finger, badly enough, that I had to take her to the doctor!

One day she came in crying, and said he was sick. I went to look at him, and she was right. Poor little guy was laying on his side, breathing heavily. My husband came home about then, and we wondered what we could do. My daughter was so upset, we had to do something! So we called the veterinarian. He asked me how old the little guy was, and I told him we had had him for three years. He chuckled, and said that usually they only live for a year, if that! The Veterinarian said that we must have taken very good care of him, since he was 3 years old. He went on to explain there wasn't anything he could do, but suggested that we buy Karo Syrup, mix it with water, and try to feed it to him with an eye dropper. We all took turns doing this. He was asleep, so you had to slide the dropper in his wee mouth, and squeeze a small amount in. Instead of keeping him in his cage, we placed him in a shoe box, with blankets all around him, to keep him warm. This went on for a few days, and he got a little better.

We had hopes that he would pull through, when hope got dashed to the ground! He died. Our daughter was crying, and so upset. We took him out to my husband, who was working in the garage. This man saw how upset his little girl was, and took the hamster from her. He gently laid the hamster in one hand, and began CPR on him, with the other hand. He kept doing this for a long time. All of a sudden, we saw his little legs begin to move! He came back to life! We kept up the sugar water, and a few days later he was back to his normal self!

The little guy lived a few more weeks, and seemed to be doing quite well! Then one night he died peacefully in his sleep. We gave him a wonderful funeral.


Dana Delynn said...

Hi Susie! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll have to try out that puzzle site one day. Amazing story about y'alls hampster. I like your blog. I'll have to spend more time on it later. Have a great day!

Susie said...

Hi Dana!
I had no idea that when I posted a comment on your blog, that it would tell you I had a blog too! Thank you for your kind words! I really do love your blog! I always go and read any new posts that you have. You do a really good job! Like i said, it's refreshing to see a wholesome blog on here, as yours!

Anonymous said...

I remember this so well. My little sister was so sad. I have to agree. She took really good of her pets. I do remember one more thing. Not to many months after the little hamster died, Mom and Dad got KP a puppy. KP bonded with Missie really well, and even got the experience of a litter of puppies! Now there is a story for you to post Mom. Do you remember the day Missie had her puppies? I sure do since I was the one who found her with her first born.
Love You,

Susie said...

Yes I do remember! Now that was something! I forgot DN, that you were the first one to discover the new little babies being born! Remember how we all sat out there with Missy,while she was birthing? I will never forget how she would put her paw on me, if she thought I was leaving! She didn't want me to leave her:) So I didn't. But didn't I have to send some of the neighborhood kids home, because she got upset? Seems like the B's were there, and the little H. kids from next door? Do you remember that?

Susie said...
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