Monday, March 19, 2007

Bald Eagle's Live Web Cam In Maine

This note is from my friends (J.C's) daughter or daughter in law. I forget which, old age, don't you love it?!! Anyway, at the bottom of that, I will post the site for the web cam. I just went to the site, and then clicked on "Live Video" and then after watching that I pressed "Live Video 2". It plays on your media player. It's simply amazing to see the Mama Eagle sitting on her nest. It looks like she is in a pine tree, overlooking the ocean! It's live too! AMAZING! Sure glad no one has a live camera on me! By the way, under " sites that I like" is also a link that she sent awhile back, of a live cam of an Owl! Check it out too!

Note From J.C's daughter or daughter in law:
This is the web site for the Bald Eagles we were watching last spring/summer. Last year they had 3 babies, only 2 lived. This year so far, she has laid one egg......right now if you check out the cam you'll see her just sitting on the nest with the one egg, and every so often you'll see the male come in and bring her food. It's still interesting, especially if you follow it. bookmark the page so you don't's cool once they start hatching.


Anonymous said...

A hint to those of you interested in looking at the Bald Eagle.....Make sure to do so during the day. I was not smart enough to do so....all I saw was semi-darkness and possibly the movements of a bald eagle.....I will have to check it out tomorrow. On a side note, the sound of the wind was at least relaxing....or whatever it was......


Susie said...

Yes, you hear a lot of wind...and I believe the sound of the ocean! Also, you hear the birds from all around. I have it on right now,and it kinda looked like perhaps the babies were hatching, mama Eagle was looking down and doing a lot of things inside the nest. But I think it was a false alarm. Because she sat back down again on the nest. She is so pretty, and such a good Mom:)