Friday, March 9, 2007

Seeds Do Grow

Spring is in the air! My youngest daughter called me, and told me she was out getting her flower beds ready today! She has been planting seeds inside, so that they will be ready to transplant outside when it's time. She has her vegetable garden all planned, and seeds all bought! She doesn't get this from me! Even when she was a little girl, she was absorbed in planting seeds. For weeks I saw her busy outside, running small glasses of water over to my planters. I didn't have any flowers planted in them at all. I wondered what she was doing. But it was keeping her busy, and she seemed to enjoy it. Weeks later, she came in to get me. She wanted me to go outside with her, to show me something. So we went outside. There in the old planters, that I never got around to planting anything in....were MANY maple trees! The little whirly seeds that float in the air, she had picked up off the ground....and planted! She took such good care of them for all those weeks! Nurturing and watering them:) I see her doing the same thing now, not only with her flowers and vegetables, but with her daughters as well. She is so patient with them. Far more than I was at her age. I don't like to brag about anything...but I'm very proud of my daughters, and all 6 of my grand daughters. I'm not quite sure how they all turned out so well! But they did. I thank God every day for them!
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