Wednesday, March 21, 2007

God Hears The Cries Of His Children

I just saw a show, called "Forensic Files". I have only watched this show a few times. These are all true stories. I'm not sure I will ever watch it again. Tonight it was about a Palestinian family that moved to the United States, and opened a restaurant. They had a daughter, who was about 16. She was very popular in school, and a straight "A" student. She was very pretty, and all of her teachers and classmates loved her.

The police were called to the family residence, the daughter had been stabbed multiple times, and was dead. The father and mother told the police, that their daughter came home, and demanded 5,000.00 so that she could move out and be on her own. When the father refused to give her money, supposedly she tried to stab him. He had a few wounds on his hands, which he said he had gotten from trying to stop her from stabbing him. The police didn't believe the story, but there was no evidence to prove otherwise, since the mother collaborated the story.

Upon examination of the body, they found that their story did not prove true. The stab wounds did not appear that she had been fighting with someone. But more as if she had been held down, and couldn't move while the wounds were inflicted. Still, there was no other evidence. They found out that the father had been gloating about how easy it was to "take" Americans. Finally the FBI came forward, they had put "bugs" in this man's home, because he was suspected of terrorism. He had been seen meeting with known terrorist's, in other countries. Since they hadn't thought of him as a true threat, the bugs had been running 24/7, but without anyone monitoring them. Upon listening to the tapes, and getting a translator to translate the tapes, they found that the father and mother had planned to kill their daughter.

Her crimes were just two things. She had fallen in love with a black boy, who was also an "A" student, and an artist. Her second crime, she had gotten a job at a fast food restaurant. They didn't like the choice of her boyfriend, nor did they want her to work. She had "shamed" her family, punishable by death. This is an accepted custom in their country. The only thing that would take away the family shame, was to spill her blood. The father even calls his older daughter on the phone, to tell her what he plans to do to her sister. The sister tells him she would put on her best dress on the day that he kills her. The father then calls someone else, and they talk back and forth on how to make it look as if she had attacked him. In reality, the daughter comes home from work, her father begins yelling at her for working. She tells him she needs to work, to make money. Then the mother holds her down, while the father kills her.

Both parents were prosecuted, and were given the death penalty. The father died in prison, and his wife is still waiting execution. If they had done this in their own country, it would have been accepted by their authorities, because there they have a right to bring honor to their family.

How on earth, can people's minds be so warped as to believe that they are doing the right thing, by killing their own child? For such trivial matters? To bring them honor? There is NO REASON to kill your child. My mind can not comprehend any of this. How can parents kill a child, that they have birthed, nurtured, and loved? They are evil. The whole thing makes me ill. Her teachers said that had she lived, they knew she would have gone on to do great things. The blood of the innocent, cries out for justice. In this case, her cries were heard.

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