Sunday, March 25, 2007

Inn On The Square In Blazes

A very sad day, 3-24-07. My Grandpa a number of years ago,
plastered the walls in this historical building, Inn On The Square.
It operated as a Bed and Breakfast, for many years after that.
In the past few years, it was bought and used as a family home.
No one knows yet  how it caught on fire, but I believe there
was an explosion in the basement.
Look closely at the tree in front, there is a fireman on a ladder.
He was cutting the branches off the tree, to keep them from getting on
fire.When he cut this branch, it almost knocked him off the ladder.
Notice all the sprays of water on the left. I believe the firemen
stayed there all night, because new fires would spring up.
It burned all day, and through the night.
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