Saturday, March 3, 2007

Lion in a Snowstorm

The picture at the top left of the blog, was from yesterday. The picture to the left here, is today's! We got more snow than this one shows even! I took this one this morning, and then it snowed off and on...pretty much all day.

March winds bring April showers, that bring May flowers? Today we got the wind and snow! Wonder what next month will bring? As I have said before, where is that global warming when you need it?

As most of you already know, I haven't been feeling up to par. Today was the first day I had no fever! Looking forward to going to my youngest grand daughters birthday party tomorrow! I have missed them, and I think they missed me too.
Today they came over for a little bit, and I played Cooties with them! Remember that game? I still love building Cooties! But sometimes they forgot to let me have my turn! You have to watch those little stinkers! Of course, they beat me each time:) Grandpa took them out in the snow, for a little bit. But it was too cold to stay long. The wind was whipping across the prairies, blowing snow everywhere! March is coming in like a Lion in a snowstorm!
Just a day before the snow!


Anonymous said...

Love the photos!! Your a natural ;o)
Glad your back blogging !!
Love Ya...krk

Susie said...

Awwww thank you....but you're the natural! You always get wonderful pics! Keep them coming!
Love you!