Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tennis Match On Monday!

Remember my oldest grand daughter, that thought she didn't excel in anything? Well, today I just found out that she played 4 doubles matches in Tennis. She won them all! So on Monday, she has to play another match, against some of the people she already beat. If she can win this next match, she will go to state! So please say a little prayer for her. She is so excited about this! So are her Grandpa and I! 

I told her that if she doesn't win this next match, it is an honor to have gotten this far. She just started Tennis lessons this past year. She must be a natural at this, to have come so far in such a short period of time! Tennis isn't an easy sport. I used to play it when I was her age. I loved it, but it really takes a lot of expertise and stamina to get as far as she has gotten! Four matches in one day, is so tiring. Remember to say a little prayer for her:)

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

thankyou soo much for all the encouaragment and prayers!!! they are helping so much! love you.

Susie said...

Love you too sweetie! Don't worry, you will do fine!