Friday, March 16, 2007

The Book

My Mom likes to force books on people. She has been trying to get me to read a book, that I totally disagree with. It is written by a well known psychic. What makes this lady more dangerous than most, she laces the truth with lies. Remember my post on "The Truth About Lies"? She bases her beliefs, supposedly on the Bible. She even calls herself a Christian. Unfortunately that is why my Mom has bought into the lie. I have tried to talk to her about it, but she just won't accept it. My husband has talked to her too.

Since Christmas, Mom has been trying to get me to take this book home, to read. She gave it to her sister, and she read it. A few weeks ago, just to get her to stop trying to force it on me, I took it home. I had no intentions of reading it (since I totally disagree with psychics anyway), so I put it in a box, under my desk. I don't want to open my mind up to those things, since it is strictly prohibited in the Bible to do so. Saul and his son in the old testament were killed during battle, as a direct result of dabbling in the occult. Saul went to a "soothsayer" to learn about his future. Saul knew he shouldn't, since earlier God had told him to ban the psychics in his domain. But God wasn't answering him, so he "took a chance". He lost! The psychic even told Saul that he and his son would die in battle the next day.

How did the psychic know that Saul would die? Very simple. Because Saul had gone to the psychic, God's protection (that umbrella) was taken away. Saul had done a lot of things that were contrary to God, but God had still protected him. But after going to the soothsayer, the protection was lifted. To put it very simply...think of a bully. The bully knows he can't get you, if your parents are nearby. So he tries to lure you away from them, and whispers in your ear to go talk to the one person...they told you not to. So you leave the safety of your parents watchful eye, and go to the psychic. Then the bully, knowing you have left the "safety zone", whispers in the psychics ear what he is going to do to you. The bully KNOWS he can now, because you are unguarded. Not because your parents left you, but because you left your parents. Then the next day, the bully does exactly what he wants to do to you, making the "psychics" prediction come true. In other words, the psychic is just repeating what the devil whispers in his/her ear.

God speaks to us, through the Holy Spirit. Sometimes He uses other people to bring us messages. One time at church, a guest speaker, that was known as a "prophet", came up to me. He began telling me things, that NO ONE could have known about me. Then he went on to tell me things that God wanted me to know....and how God wanted to use me in a ministry. This was a verification, of what God had already told me. Usually when God tells you something, He will verify it to you several times. We are to "test" the make sure that it is truly from God. There are also "false prophets", that do it in the name of God, and it isn't from God at all, but the bully. Again, truth mixed in with lies...just enough to try to lure us away from God.

We have three "thoughts" that constantly whisper in our ears, our own thoughts, the Holy Spirit, and Satan. Discernment is a gift that everyone should ask of God. There is a scripture in the Bible that says all we need to do is ask for the gifts. Discernment allows us to distinguish one voice from the other. Because as I have said before, sometimes the lie appears to be true. The devil is not a gentleman, and uses any tricks that he can. With Saul, he wasn't tricked in this instance. He KNEW BETTER than to go to the psychic. But he did it anyway. A very dangerous thing to do!

When I took that book from Mom, I KNEW BETTER. However I rationalized it. This thought came into my head, "If I take it, then she can't read it anymore, or give it to someone else to read. Because if they begin reading it, then they too can get caught in the lie." I believe that "just by taking it" I compromised myself. Even though I didn't read it. You may think I'm loony, and I don't want to give credence to Satan, but I believe that by taking it, I walked away from my protection.

The amount of "bad luck" we have been too innumerable to mention! From small things (like things breaking) to large things. Life has been extremely stressful. The last incidence, was that my husband and I almost got into a car accident. We were driving through a parking lot, and a huge truck, had it's tail gate down. Our car was as long as the truck was wide, so he didn't even see us behind him. He began backing out, and his tailgate was aimed at my side window, where I was sitting. My husband was able to swerve just in time, but the tail gate took off our antennae, and scraped THE TOP of our spoiler on the back. If we hadn't swerved just in time, the tail gate would have come through my window.

My husband called my Mom to tell her we would be late, because of the accident. Mom had talked to my sister in law right before we had called. She evidently had told my sister in law that she had given me the book to read. She told Mom to tell us to burn it! Now, I had forgotten I EVEN HAD THE BOOK. My sister in law didn't know about the accident, so I believe this was God, speaking through her, to let me know what to do. We were protected, from bodily harm. But by allowing the book in my home, it was like opening a door to Satan. We burned the book that night.


Anonymous said...

How true this is..I don't who worte this book but burn it,it shouldn't be passed on. We start letting the devil in and it doesn't take much for him to take over our lives ....he has such pleasure in doing's like he's telling GOD......see I got another one.

Susie said...

Amen sister! We did burn it. It was so strange, because I had truly forgotten I had it! I shouldn't have taken it, but she wore me down. Isn't that how it works? You get wore down, and rationalize. I thought it would be better to get it away from her...but didn't want to throw it away, in case she asked for it back. I should not have taken it in the first place.