Sunday, March 11, 2007


Life can be rather challenging at times, to say the least. If you reach deep within, during one of those times in your life, you may be surprised by what you find. If you look back in history, during the periods of tragedy, you will find nougats of wisdom, bravery, and creativity.

Some of the most renowned artists and writers in times past, were going through great personal turmoil in their lives. Which in turn, came out in their art and poems. They produced great art and literature. Some of the poets for instance, you could feel their anguish and unending sadness. Which was recorded, if for no other reason, to let us know that none of us are alone in these feelings, at times.

During times of war, you will read about bravery. Men who put their lives on the line, to save another one. You realize as you read about it, that if they had sat down to think about it, they may not have done it. Then you wonder if you could have been as brave as they had been.

At times like these, even under horrific conditions, something good can be uncovered. Life is littered with "good and evil" and "AC and DC". Out of a bad situation, can come good. Without the bad, would the good even be recognised? What does all this mean? I'm not sure. That is one thing that I'm sure of!

Some day we will all know, the "whys" of this life...but unfortunately, it will probably be after we leave this life. Then God will tell us about all the mysteries that we don't understand now. When going through a crisis, remember you're not alone. God is always near. Also, remember that countless other people have been through situations like you have, and maybe worse. They came through it, and so will you. "Hope" is the lifesaver that you grab hold of. "Faith" is believing that it will be there, when you need it. So embrace the bad times, as you never have before. For out of the bad, comes a good...that if you allow it, will be around long after you are gone:)

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