Ice Storm Continues!


Israel (Akina has been busy this summer!)


Akina (our grand daughter) in Africa


Hey everyone...

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Happy Birthday And Congratulations!

Kristie, I wanted to embarrass you by putting on some "childhood" pictures as I did of your sister, Kimberly. Even though you threatened me if I did:) I thought hard, wondering if you would carry out the threats, and decided it would be worth it. Since I'm older than dirt, a little water torture shouldn't kill me. But if it did, I'm old anyway! So to the computer I ran, and realized that Dad had wiped the computer clean, to install Window's XP that you gave him. *sigh*. So all the pictures I had ear marked for your birthday, are gone! You win! hahahaha! Have a wonderful birthday sweet heart! You are as precious to us now, as you were the day you were born.

Also, I wanted to take this time to congratulate you for making the Deans List at college! After I realized it wasn't for getting caught passing notes in class, I decided it must be a good thing! Well done hon! I don't know how you do it, caring for two children and a husband, and going to college …

Happy New Year!!!!!!

May you all be blessed with MANY BLESSINGS this year! I love each and everyone of you VERY MUCH!