Monday, March 26, 2007

The Icing On The Cake

Today, my husband stopped in to see our grand daughters, ages three and four. A neighbor had given them a
small bicycle with training wheels. They were outside having such a
wonderful time! The four year old, had it mastered, he said! But the three year old, who takes after me in this area, wasn't doing too well. He said she kept going in circles. Finally, he was able to get her to turn the handle bars! He said they were sooo cute, trying to ride that bike! Aren't grand children wonderful?

We have four other grand daughters too! I'm so very proud of each and every one of them. My oldest is going to be driving soon! She turns 16 in April! She plays tennis (she has some tournaments coming up), the piano (has several recitals to do), she took dance classes for years, and even finds time to go to school and
help in several volunteer programs for different things. I believe one place
she volunteered to help out was in a childrens home. She goes to church, and is involved in many activities there. She just sent me an email today,
saying that she felt bad that she wasn't good at anything! She said at the school she goes to, if you don't have an "amazing talent" (meaning to be able to compete in the State), then you're looked down upon. I do believe that schools sometimes put far too much pressure on kids today. I saw the beginnings of this when my daughters were in school.

My grand daughter is very special and gifted! Now I don't say this because I'm
partial, but because it's true! I'm very proud of her:) She said that she went home and read the Bible, and that it helped to make her feel better. How many youth these days even read the Bible? That in itself shows me that she is going to be just fine in whatever she chooses to do in college. If you have God for you, who can be against you? Her younger sister is gifted too! She also is into many different activities, ball, dance, and also church! Their half sisters are four and five. The cutest little things you ever did
see! I love them to pieces!

I love my grand children very much, as you can tell. To me, they are like the icing on the cake! Without the icing, the cake wouldn't be as sweet!
Love all of you girls VERY MUCH!


Anonymous said...

aww thankyou so much that made me feel so much better about eveything! it even brought tears to my eyes! i love you so much!

Susie said...

Honey, never forget how special you are! Grandpa and I already know! We love you sooo very much! Wish i could come and see your tennis tournament tomorrow! How I wished we lived closer:)
Love you bunches and gobs!