Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Butterfly

This picture is a reminder to me of a story, from a long time ago. The story was about a farmer, who saw a small butterfly trying to break his way free from the cocoon that imprisoned him. The farmer watched him struggle, to no avail. Finally the farmer gently took the cocoon in his hands, and pried a small piece of the cocoon away, so that the butterfly could emerge into the beautiful summer morning. To the farmer's horror, the small butterfly fluttered around on the ground, and died.

Later, God spoke to the farmer. He told the farmer that the reason the butterfly died, was because he needed to struggle, to set himself free from the cocoon. The struggle to break free, was what made him strong enough to fly.

To struggle is a good thing at times. It makes us stronger....and soon we will be free of the earthly bonds that bind us. So when you see a butterfly, may you be reminded that he has been through a battle that made him strong, and is now free. May we all fly free, as the butterfly:)


Susie said...

Thanks KRK for a beautiful picture!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to start my morning by reading your blog.
God does wonderful things for us and sometimes we miss them in our rushing around. The butterfly is an example.
Love Ya,