Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just A Few "Way To Go's"!

Just a little note about four of my great nieces, and 2 of my great nephews, 2 nephews, daughter, and future son in law!

K.O., my great niece goes to Wesleyan College in West Virginia. She just received the Fulbright Grant, which is very difficult to do! This is awarded to very few. The program was first established in 1945, by Senator J William Fulbright, "to promote a mutual understanding between the United States and people of other countries." To learn more about the Fulbright program go to" http://www.cies.org/about_fulb.htm". K.O will be teaching in Thailand! Way to go!

K.O.'s sister, E.O. is a sophomore at the U of I. She is an Illinet (Which is a dance team that does routines during the games) there...and just tried out and won co-captain for next year! Way to go!

D.A, my great nephew, has just finished Junior College, and is now enrolled to start at ISU in a few months! My favorite college! Also his sister, M.A. will start at the U of I this fall! Way to go!

A.K., my other great niece, is enrolled to start College as well! Her brother won an art award a few months ago, and had his picture taken with one of the senators of Illinois. Their Dad (my nephew) is just having a book published, too:) I want to buy the first copy! Way to go!

My daughter, K.P. and her fiance T.P. have set the date of their wedding....it will be September 15Th! It will be a beach wedding! I can't wait! Way to go!!!

B.O. and his wife are expecting a baby soon! I believe it will be a little boy:) Way to go!

I heard through the grapevine that JK and his wife won a trip to Germany! Can I tag along? Way to go!

I'm very proud of all of you! Congratulations! If anyone has any more news, please e-mail me! Love you all....and CONGRATULATIONS!

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