Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What's that, a tree in your eye?

Have you ever had people who annoy you? I have had many. One time, a gal that I worked with...was always annoying me. I liked her too! But she always had a way, of cutting me continually.

One day, we were sitting outside on a sunny day...waiting to go to work. She started asking me about what hair color I used on my hair. I told her, no secrets here! I use a permanent dye, because I'm starting to get gray hair. Some people like gray hair, I don't. Later I may let the gray show, but for now...I don't want to. She began running her fingers through her hair, and told me to look how shiny and healthy her hair looked. (I guess she didn't think my hair was shiny and healthy looking?) She then began to tell me that I should use the dye she uses, for my hair. She used one of those, that doesn't cover the gray, it's not permanent. I told her I didn't like that kind. She took offense, and went on to flipping her hair around, running her fingers through it...and told me to feel it. Now I don't know about you, but I don't like feeling another woman's hair! Especially a coworker who was flippant and over bearing.

She told me that she LOVES her hair, and the way it looks with this "undye" she uses. All the time she is telling me this....she is flipping her hair, and continues running her fingers through it. I don't know, maybe I'm weird, but I'm not IN LOVE with my hair. Sheesh! She kept drawing attention to her hair so much, as it blew in the wind...and her fingers running through it....I ACTUALLY looked at her hair. As the wind blew, yes, it was pretty on the TOP that people see....but underneath it was a lovely gray.......grayer than my Mom's hair! That was a lovely site to see! I just shook my head as she talked, and kept my mouth shut. I had a few gray hairs, she had a whole country of grays running around!

A few years later, when I had a birthday, I realized how old I was getting. You start thinking about all the things that you want to do, but haven't done yet. Have you ever done that? I had always wondered how I would look blond. One of those things you think about, but never do. I decided I would be brave, and try going blond! I figured, why not? I always wanted to travel to Europe before I died, that I couldn't do....because I'm not rich. But I could spend 6.00 dollars on hair dye and go blond! So I did. Guess who was the ONLY one who gave me grief over it? You guessed it....the two toned hair lady. Her first remark was, "Well does that mean when I get as OLD as you, I too will dye my hair blond?" My thoughts were, "Well if you do...get the permanent dye kind!" Did I say it? Noooooo. She also told me how unattractive I looked blond. Whats so funny about all of this, she was only a year and a half younger than me! She had TONS of gray, that she THOUGHT she was hiding. But remember, her hair wasn't horrible. Only mine:)

How many times, do we look at others and see their short comings? Do we react as my coworker did, by blurting out, "You have a splinter in your eye!" Like my coworker, she didn't like my hair at all....but didn't see that her hair was not as lovely as she thought. As a matter of fact, in her eyes, her hair was PERFECT. My prayer is that I always see my own short comings, so that I can change for the better. Let me not try to "hide" them, but bring them forth...look at them, and do what needs to be done to make them go away:) Also, I would like to see those things that I have, that are gifts. Then I will try to build upon them, and not "hide" them.

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