Monday, February 12, 2007


Mondays...what is it about Mondays? I have never liked them. Is it because it notes that the weekend is done? Or is it because it's the beginning of a work week? But since I'm not working right now, and every day is the same...I still hate Mondays! I can't for the life of me, understand why! Does anyone else, besides me hate Mondays? If so...please comment if you do, and tell me why you hate them. Then maybe I will understand why I do. As you can see, I can't even think of anything to write about today! Sheesh!


akina said...

i hate mondays too!!! b/c the weekend is over, and i have to wake yup early, after 2 days of styaing up late and hangng out with friends. and its a shock,b/c you just had all this fun, and now you have to go to school. today was the worst monday. ive been doing make up work since 3:30 and now its 7 and i still have a ton to do!!! but i dont know why you dont like mondays since its the same for you everyday..haha.

Susie said...

Hey Akina!

Thanks for the comment! YAAAAA! Someone besides me is going to this site! You poor thing, I knew you would have a lot of make up work! Hope you can get it done without burning the midnight oil! I bet most of your teachers will understand if you don't get it done this week. You did miss a lot of school, because you were really sick! Hopefully they will be nice about it. Glad you're doing better!
Love you sweetie!

Kimberly said...

Mondays remind you that your time is not yours again. You have to go back to the routines of the week and be whoever you're supposed to be to everyone else that you're responsible for and responsible to.

For me, the Monday dread starts on Sunday night, around 8pm. The careless weekend starts to become a memory and you realize it's about to start again.

I think this happens to most people, wether you're a stay at home mom, domestic engineer, student, or someone with employment outside the home. I've seen many articles on how to avoid this mindset, unfortunately I do not remember to do any of the suggestions. Does anyone have any?

Susie said...

Thanks honey for the comment! I think you could do a blog far better than I could. I like the way you write! Maybe you could start a blog for work? Photography? Anyway...I do have that mindset...I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one! Now I know there at least two other people! Thanks again Akina and Kimberly!
Love you both!