Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today was my Mom's birthday, she is 87 years old! Happy birthday Mom! I think she had a good day too. Lots of people called her to wish her a happy birthday. Two of us, my aunt and I called her on the phone...and actually sang Happy Birthday to her! She is so proud of all the cards she received, and visits:) Thanks to all of you!

My girls and I have talked about getting older. I told them, that whatever you feel now, is what you feel when you get older. In other words, in your are the same now, as when you get to be 87 or whatever. I used to think that when you got older, you changed! HA! I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

I struggle with the same problems as I did when I was their age. The only difference is, some of those things I have conquered. Others I'm still working on. I find that things that used to bother me, however, no longer do. For instance, what people think of me. I remember when I was younger, if someone was cross with me, or called me a name...I was devastated. Now, I just consider the source. At times, I will feel sorry for them, that they are so rude....there must be some deep dark secret that makes them that way. But all in all, I can't change them. So you just shake the dust off, and move on. Rude people, will always exist. People who try to use others, to get what they want, will as well. What we have to learn, is not to allow people like that to take our joy away. If we can, we stay away from them. If it isn't possible, then you try to do the best you can to not allow their arrows to pierce you.

I had a little brass statue one time, which I have lost through the years. But it was a reminder to me of situations like that. The statue was of a duck, holding an umbrella. A duck's feathers are water proof, so the water just rolls right off his back. It was ironic that the duck was holding an umbrella, but he was:) To me, this symbolized several things. God made us to be "water proof", so that insults couldn't hurt us. But just in case we didn't realize that, He gave us an "umbrella" of protection. Just make sure you stay under that umbrella:)

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