Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday, part two

Well, it's SNOWING again! Yes, and it's still Monday! Some of our snow melted today...maybe a couple of inches! Leaving a couple more on the ground, maybe three inches. Now it looks like a blizzard out there! Any more snow, and I may have to look into buying snow shoes.

Thanks Akina for the comment! I posted a comment back to you, but was afraid you wouldn't see it, so I thought I would mention it here too! You have to hit the comment button to see what I wrote you back. I wish it would post comments directly on the page. Had a nice visit with my sister and her husband today. Thanks sis for the card magazines! I love them! Now I want to make cards for everyone! I'm terrible at remembering my family and friends already know. (May I just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you early! Because you know I will forget to mail that card, that took me two hours to make) I actually forget my own birthday. But when you're getting as old as me, that's a plus!

If anyone has any good crafting, wedding planning, gardening, photography, or any other web sites you would like to share...please e-mail me, and I will post them on here! Of course you all know who I want wedding planning sites for. CONGRATULATIONS TOM AND KIMBERLY!
Love you all!


Kimberly said...

Yes, any help with finding a lake michigan beach location for a wedding and reception would be helpful! And, if anyone else out there is getting married or know someone who is, don't let them go to David's Bridal!!

Susie said...

David's Bridal WAS HORRIBLE! I agree! They run you in like cattle, give you only 3-4 dresses to choose,give you thirty minutes to look at those 3-4 dresses, then they stop helping you, won't let you try on more. The dresses you choose aren't brought in, so you are stuck with the dresses they choose....ones that you didn't like in the first place. But those count as your three- four dresses! But of course, I thought you looked beautiful in all of them anyway, honey! You would look good in ANYTHING! So glad we went to the other place, aren't you? They had some beautiful dresses....and were so nice and helpful!
Love you honey!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis,
All men are alike!! Since our Dad died after shoveling snow, you would think my husband would know how I feel. But no, he's out there when he thinks I am not looking. Love your blog. Keep it going.

Susie said...

I can't believe he's out there in this snow too! You tell him I said to come in!!!!!!!!! Although my husband doesn't listen to me, what makes me think your's will? hahaha! Honestly, you're right! They are all alike!
Thanks sis:) Love you!