Sunday, February 18, 2007

Deer Alert!

Just a reminder to all, the deer have multiplied quite a bit! We see herds of them EVERYWHERE! It's not uncommon to see herds of 20 or more, grazing along the road. Deer are very skiddish, and when scared, instead of running away from your car....they may just run AT YOUR CAR. I had that happen to me a few years ago. Luckily I was able to slow down, and by the time he ran into my was just a small tap. No damage to him, or my car! We have a forest preserve near us, so they have a "hunter free" place to live and multiply. I just love the deer, and still can't imagine anyone shooting Bambi:)


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful pictures... were they in or near your home? Did you use the new camera? I was so bored today, so went to bed 7:30, now it's 11:30, can't sleep. Susie, you should write about your experience as a young girl with a hip problem, home schooling, and friend Janet who just died.
Watch out for the deer when you leave home. Now, who do I sound like? :)
Hi to my wonderful neices,Kristi and Kim, and great neices, little Sara and Haley. Love you girls!

Susie said...

Hey there!

Thanks for the comment! But these aren't my pics...but my sister in laws! Aren't they wonderful? She takes wonderful pictures, I do believe she could be a photographer! How did she get so close to them, without scaring them? She is always sending me wonderful pictures, and I just love them! I still haven't gotten the battery for my camera yet, because the few times I actually got out to shop...I forgot:( I need to tie a thread on my finger!!!!

Thanks for the suggestions on what to write about! I was running out of things! As you could probably tell! hahaha! I have been sick for 4-5 days now...REALLY SICK. Fever, cold, and digestive problems. Mom has wondered if it was the peanut butter! I doubt it! Anyway, thanks again!
Love you!