Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Did I Say I Liked Snow?

IF I EVER SAY I LIKE SNOW AGAIN....JUST SHOOT ME! Last night we got another 3-5 inches (on the existing 3-4 inches we already had), then it rained on top of that. When you look out the window, you see beautiful snow, with leaves, limbs from the trees, and other debris all over the top. Looks like someone dumped "natures garbage can" on top of the snow. When I took Zeke out today, he was able to walk on top of the snow....because the snow is hard enough to support a 90 pound dog! Now, that's hard snow! He looked at me as if to say, "What the heck is this?"

The limbs of the trees are covered in ice....so walking under them is extremely dangerous. I don't even see wild animal tracks in the snow today. Is it because the snow is so hard, or is it because they are smarter than Zeke and I? I bet both!

My husband didn't go to work today, he tried. He did that "guy thing". I told him the news said for no one to get out, because the roads were so dangerous....and they can't get them cleaned off because of the wind. He said, "Oh I can get out!" So then I reminded him that our son in law works for Fed Ex...and they cancelled all the loads for today. Again he says, "Oh I can make it". So he cleaned off the van (which took 20 minutes), let it warm up, slowly edged down the lane, almost slid off into Aunt Zo's home, went two blocks to Caseys, the girl that works there told him it took her friend almost an hour to get to the interstate...which usually takes 10 minutes, and had to come back. So THEN he decides just maybe he shouldn't try it? GRRRRR! So he comes back home, decides he wants a blog like mine, and is asking me a million questions as I type this! Anyone need a husband for the day?

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