Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Truth About Lies

Amidst the tangled web of lies, lies the truth. How does one find what is true,
and what is false? Very good question. We simple human beings, will fall for the lie...many times, thinking it is the "truth". There was a book many years ago that I read, "People of the Lies". A lot of it was over my head, and some of it I didn't agree with. But there was some truth in it, and that's what you have to gleam not only from books that you read...but from every situation in life. I saw in that book, many things that I had seen in my own lifetime. Some of it sickened me....but that's what evil does, it makes you feel ill.

We are given a Helper, the Holy Spirit. Have you ever met someone, and right off the bat, there is just something about them that you don't trust? I have many times in my life....and I disregarded that "feeling". Ended up "trusting" them, and later found a zillion holes in my back, that they had inflicted on me. Will I do that again? I don't think so. From this day forward, I will listen to that small still voice....the voice of the Holy Spirit.

When I first got saved many years ago, I heard that voice very strongly. I began following it, and each time I did....I saw God's hand in every situation. It was so amazing! Very simple, to adhere to this. Sometimes it was a simple direction while driving in the car, "Turn left here". Sounds silly, I know...but I would do it. Almost always, there was a reason I should have gone that direction. Usually it was to "run into" someone who I knew, that needed help of some kind.

Another time, my daughter and I were in the car, we were on our way home. There was a car in front of us....and I heard that small still voice say, "slow down, put distance between them and you". So I did. My daughter even asked me what I was doing, slowing down so much. A few minutes later the car in front of us, began swerving all over the road. He threw on his brakes, but luckily I was now quite a distance behind him. I began praying for him, and the oncoming cars. He went off into the ditch across from us, through a cornfield, back onto the road, swerved off into the other ditch, through another cornfield...and ran right into a house! A man was outside of the house, and ran to keep from getting hit. Later I found out that the man in the car in front of us, had an epileptic seizure. He was not suppose to be driving! Luckily, he nor the people in the house were hurt. That small still voice, helps us in so many ways! If I hadn't listened, I would have run into the car, when he first threw his brakes on.

This is one way, we can filter through the lies that we hear daily. Ask God to help us hear His voice, and to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us. Then begin listening. When Jesus was saying goodbye to His disciples, before His ascension into Heaven, He told them that He would give them and us, another Comforter....the Holy Spirit. The Comforter, is a gift! We don't have to be perfect, there is no magical formula we have to chant....because the Holy Spirit is a free gift to all of us! No matter how imperfect we are! He loves us, and WANTS to help and guide us. All we have to do is listen for His voice. I bet each of you reading this, has heard His voice too. We just don't recognise that it's His voice. The Holy Spirit has kept me out of a lot of car accidents. If you read my other story, "Traffic Safety" regarding the fake police officer, there again, my first instinct was NOT TO STOP. But I was still kept safe, when I did. I must keep those angels busy!

The truth about lies is this....all lies are laden with enough truth, to make them "seem" true. That is one of Satan's greatest deceptions! It's kind of like lacing poison in your favorite brownie. Evil, isn't it? Well, Satan doesn't play fair...and he has a lot of "players" he can count on to deliver his poisons. In this day and age, "we have to be vigilant and wary....for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers in high places". That scripture is talking about Satan's army....yes, an army. His army is like any other army, tight and structured. His goal, however is evil. He is out to kill, steal, and destroy from all of us. So we have to be prepared for battle at all times. The first step in battle is this, listen to that small still voice of the Holy Spirit, and be obedient:)

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