Sunday, February 11, 2007


There is nothing as precious as grandchildren. Seems like all the mistakes, that you made with your children, you can correct and "get something" right with your grandchildren! It's your second chance. Plus, you have more time...and seem to be far more patient. One reason for this may be that you're not the one having to run around and do this or that for the daily needs of the little tikes:) I have empathy for my daughter. I remember those days, of running baths, picking up toys, making meals, doing dishes, also the tons of laundry that comes with kids, wiping noses, taking to the doctors...and waiting forever, running here to pick up the daily things needed, breaking up fights, wiping away the tears of hurt feelings, cleaning food off the wall...that the budding artist mistook for paint, giving another bath to get the food out of the hair, trying to figure out how to repair that window before night...that their ball went through, and getting them ready for bed...waking up, and doing the same process all over again! Seems like an endless adventure! But before you know it, they come to you and say, "Mom, I met this guy...and guess what? We're getting married!" Your first thought is "No way!!! Are you sure he's the right one? Lets think about this first." The joys of parenthood:) Then they are gone, being independent, if you did your job right. Then you wish they weren't quite so independent, because you miss them. But then comes the grandchildren:) You can spoil them, and send them home! You can play with them, and not have to clean up their messes. I guess God gives you something for all of your diligent work, of raising children. GRANDCHILDREN!

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