Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Heat Wave!

It's 8 degrees! Feels like 5 below they say. Far better than the other day, when it was zero, and felt like 10-15 below! No wonder Zeke (my Golden) could only walk for 3 minutes! Poor lil guy, sat down and started licking his feet, in the snow. Which I knew wet feet in the snow, would not be a good idea! Quickly I got him up, and ran for the door! If he couldn't walk, there was no way I could carry him back. He weighs probably around 90 pounds or so. Still a puppy too!

I feel sorry for all the wild life, trying to keep warm, and foraging for food. Not much food to be found, since there is so much snow. When it's cold like this, I see much more wild life. The deer come in herds, trying to lick up the few seeds left in the bird feeders. They always come around dusk. Coyotes lurk around, trying to catch the deer...or anything else for that matter! The opossum, rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons...I never see, but see their paw prints in the snow. The other day I actually saw a snake print! You could see how he had slithered through the snow. My Aunt Zo said she thought they hibernated in the winter. I need to look that up on the net. I was born and raised in the city, so I have no idea about the country life. I guess I'm learning!

Poor Zeke could not take 3 minutes out in this weather, because of his paws getting so cold. Earlier I had seen 2 dogs, running through the golf course and our back yard. I see them all the time. I can't imagine people letting their dogs run, in weather like this. I know they will probably have frost bite. Those are the kind of pet owners that should not be allowed to have any! I have no idea who the owners are. There is woods, in the middle of the golf course...where the dogs always come up from. I'm pretty sure they are not strays, because they always look well kept. I also believe they are pedigree dogs. Zeke wants to be friends with them....but they are afraid to come too close to him. Poor Zeke, no one wants to play with him...except us humans! Which he keeps us busy playing fetch, and loves to chew on our clothing. Amazing, how he prefers clothing over bones!

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