Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Men Against The Elements

What is it about guys and bad weather conditions? I already told you how my husband JUST HAD TO TRY TO GO TO WORK. My sister just called, and said her county was completely shut down (she lives an hour northeast of us). I bet ours is too...but our county is so backwards, no one thinks to tell you not to venture out. Then my daughter Kimberly said that their roads were hazardous (two hours north west of us), and where she worked didn't open until much later. Kathy, my sister in law, said they were getting sleet...she is a couple hours south of us. Keep this all in mind........

Kristie, my youngest daughter called me and said that her husband Josh...whose work was called off due to the bad roads (he drives a double semi)....was out pulling stranded motorists out of ditches on the highway. He has a big suburban, that can go through anything! He said there were tons of cars in the ditches...but only one had a person still in the car. He pulled him out, and got him on his way. He was disappointed the other cars were abandoned...because he wanted to pull more cars out. He came home, and Kristie told him that his Mom had called, and they were stranded in their home in the country. His younger brother was sick, and needed some medicine. Kristie said Josh's eyes lit up with glee, and he said...I can make it out there! So last I heard, Josh was on his way to his Dad and Mom's house, taking medicine. Kristie said she could tell he was so happy that somebody needed something!
Josh even talked to Steve, to see if we needed anything!

Steve has taken Zeke out a hundred times today. They have wandered all over the golf course, wind whipping through at a hundred miles an hour...snow blowing, making it hard to see anything. Now, I have asked Steve to take Zeke out for me in good weather, and he is too busy, or doesn't feel like it. Give him a blizzard, and below zero temps...and he is taking Zeke out more than the poor dog even wants to go! Zeke is laying down on the floor right now, so worn out! I bet he hides from Steve, the next time he wants to take him out!

To all my family, stay safe and warm! Love you all so very much!

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