Friday, February 16, 2007

Tainted Peanut Butter

There are two brands of peanut butter, that are tainted with salmonella. The brands are "Peter Pan" and "Great Value". Great Value brand, I believe is Walmart's brand. On top of the lid, there is a code printed. If the code starts out with the numbers "2111"...that's the tainted batch. I found this out, 10 minutes after eating the "Great Value" brand...with the code numbers starting out "2111"! So far, I'm not sick. But please check your peanut butter! Here is the CNN web site that talks about it. Just copy and paste into your browser:

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akina said...

yeahh.. rachel has been eating the penut pan penut butter for a week, and nothing has happened to her! so hopefully notghing does yet. but i know alot of other people that have gotten sick!

Susie said...

Yes, I know! Tell her not to eat anymore! I'm saving mine, and will take it back to Walmart...maybe they will want to test it. Plus I want them to give me Jif peanut butter to replace it! hahahaha! Don't want to take anymore chances!
Love you!