Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Midwest Valentines Day Blizzard

Today on Valentines Day, people in the midwest are TRYING to dig out of the 12 inches of snow, or more. Underneath the snow is at least 3 inches of ice, or more. I know it sleeted here for 12 hours or more, before the snow came. Then when it did, it was a blizzard. Very dangerous conditions on the roads, even for those that were plowed. Most interstates have been plowed, but secondary roads may not be.

Today I worked a long time just trying to uncover our small porch. I hammered at it with a shovel, and couldn't get the ice to break. It still is ice and snow covered. No way will I tackle the side walk. The snow is so hard, you can walk on it in places in the yard. When you fall through it, it comes halfway to your knees, or to your knees in places. While out with Zeke today, he fell through the snow, and it came half way up to his chest. That's deep!

Today the sun is shining, but the frigid temperatures do not allow any of this to melt. While out today, the sun shining on the branches of the trees, was so pretty. All the trees are layered in ice. They look like ice sculptures, glistening in the sun.

My prayers go out to all of those who have to work today. Even though many businesses have been closed. All schools are closed. I hear that this will hit the east coast today. Good luck east coast! You will need it!


akina said...

aw i wish i could be in illinios just for one day to see the snow. we had snow flurrys for 3 minutes here. but it did get down to 18 degrees last night!!! that is FREEZING for dallas!

Susie said...

Hi honey! I wish you could come see it too! You would love it! I do love snow too, but I'm rethinking that as of today:)Man, that is COLD for where you live! I can't believe it got that cold! Cold, and no snow....that just isn't fair! haha!