Sunday, February 18, 2007

Traffic Safety

A few years ago, a plain police car stopped me for speeding. I was on a country road at the time. He came up behind me, with a "flashing light" on the dash board of his car. My first instinct was not to stop, so I didn't (since it was a "plain" car). When he saw I wasn't going to stop, he sped up and got on my bumper...which scared me. So then I put on my blinkers and pulled over.

When he came up to my car, I told him I almost didn't stop, since he had a plain car. I didn't want to get a ticket for not pulling over, which was why I did eventually. He explained to me that his car was in the shop being serviced, and this was all they had for him to drive. He then apologised for scaring me. I told him I had my insurance card in the glove box, but he said since I had a newer car, he didn't doubt that it was insured.

He told me I was speeding, and asked for my license. He took my license back to his car, and got in....supposedly calling it in. I called my co-worker on her cell, to tell her I may be late because it looked like I was going to get a ticket for speeding. She and I chuckled about that...meanwhile, I saw the officer (who had a uniform and badge) coming up to my window again. So I got off the phone.

He gave me back my license, and told me to keep it under 75 from then on. I doubt I was going over 75 in the first place, since it was on a 55 MPH road. Later when telling my daughter about this, she told me to call the police and report it, because she didn't think it sounded legit. So I did. Found out that the man that stopped me, wasn't a policeman, and that there had been many accounts of this happening....with the same description of the police officer that I had given. One time he got violent with a woman. He said that the man saw me on my cell, and probably thought I was calling the police...possibly that's why he left. Although, he usually took the license back to the car, and returned it, as he did me.

The policeman told me that he was probably getting my personal information off my drivers license, and writing it down in his car on a tablet. He also told me to never stop for ANY car, until first dialing "911" on my cell. Tell them where I am, and tell them there is a police car trying to pull me over. He said that all cops report to 911 BEFORE they pull a car over. That way, if it is a real policeman, 911 will tell you, because they already know. He said no policeman, will BE MAD AT YOU, if you don't pull over until you have reached an area where there is people around. They all know that a woman driving alone, will be scared. He said this goes for men, as well. To this day, they have never caught him.

So, remember this the next time a policeman tries to pull you over. First, dial 911.

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