Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Typhoid Mary

I just looked at the date that I was so sick, I couldn't post. That was February 20Th! My temperature ran aound 101 or so. I had been sick for a few days before that even! Now it's the 27Th, and I'm still sick! My temperature is not over 100 though, but still coughing, sneezing, and using tons of Kleenex!

Mom's birthday is tomorrow, and I don't want to go out and buy her anything....otherwise I would infect other people. Plus I just don't feel like going anywhere, but to bed! Family came today to visit with my Mom. I can't even go see them! Hope I'm over this by Sunday! That's my youngest grand daughter's birthday party:)

So today I took action. I opened my windows, to let fresh air in. I sprayed Lysol on the computer (and it still works!), the kitchen counters, in all the bathrooms, in the air, on the phones, on the TV remotes, and almost got Zeke as well! Poor guy! I changed the sheets on the bed, and as I'm doing all this, all I want to do is lay down!

Now I sit here posting, wheezing and coughing even more from the Lysol! I'm freezing to death from the windows being opened. I also turned down the heat. Instead of killing the germs, I may end up killing myself!

To all my family and friends, hope you all stay well! I promise not to come around until Typhoid Mary has left! Love you!


akina said...

hey! sorry i have not cheaked this in soo long i have been so busy! but i read all the ones i have missed. i love your storys i get alot of helpful tips from them. i reallyu hope u get better quickly! love you

Susie said...

Hey honey!
I always love getting your comments on here! Thank you so much for all the nice things you say:) I'm still not feeling good. But it's just a cold virus. I can't wait until spring! I loved the snow, but now am looking forward to the flowers!

I know how busy you are with school and all your other activities. I'm real proud of you honey!
Love you sweetie!