Friday, February 9, 2007

Monsters Do Exist

My daughter, Kristie, just told me about a news story she heard.... about a man in a city not too far from us. This incident happened last night, I believe. He had a 23 month old daughter, who just wouldn't go to sleep. So to "teach her a lesson" he placed her outside in her jammies, and gave her a blanket. Now if you have read my other posts, you know how cold it has been here. Below zero with the wind shield factor at times. He left her outside, until she froze to death. The police said they saw her little tracks, wandering around in the yard. This makes me so angry! What kind of a monster would do such a thing to a little baby? As far as I'm concerned, the death penalty would be too kind for him. Instead, place him outside, in his jammies...with nothing but a blanket. Hopefully he will get right with God, before he freezes to death. Do I forgive him? I choose to forgive him. But it may be awhile before my emotions line up and I "feel" like I forgive him. Right now, the entire situation, is in God's hands, not mine. Which may be a good thing for him.

I know with all my heart, that dear sweet little baby girl is in heaven now. In a place where she is loved and cared for. She is playing with other children, in a nice warm sunny field...filled with flowers and animals, and everything else that she loves. May God always bless her, and the remaining family that is left here on earth. I can't imagine finding out if I were the Grandmother or Mother, that something like that had happened to my child. May God be with them, and help them through this. (Yes, I even pray for the man that did this to his child, even though I don't want to) This will not be an easy thing to get over. Only with God's help, will they be able to...and He is there with He was with that dear sweet baby in the snow, on that cold winter night. He was there when her life here was done, to take her away from the anger and hatred...into a perfect place of love, made just for her.
I love you little angel:)

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