Friday, April 6, 2007

A Question For The Country Folks

All my life I have wanted to live in the country, but was brought up in the city. I now live on the edge of a small community, and have all kinds of wild life around me. I just love it! Except at night, when I have to walk my dog! We have coyotes, deer, opossum, snakes, huge owls and hawks, raccoons, and many other critters. At night you hear them in the brush while you're walking, and are hoping that it's a "friendly" critter. Last night I was out with my Golden, and we heard a lot of noise in the field next to our house. He and I were on alert. If it's a deer, they usually walk quietly away. I believe this was a deer, because it looked to be rather large. However, instead of walking or running away, it ran towards us. Then stopped, and snorted at us. It was too dark to tell what it was. So this question goes out to my brothers and sister in laws, who have lived in the country. Would a deer run at you and snort loudly? It stayed there for quite awhile, but Zeke and I went the other way:)
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Dana Delynn said...

I grew up mainly in the country, and am back in the country after a few years in the city. I am definitely a country girl. :) I would doubt a deer would have done that, but hope for your sake it was. I'm glad you're safe!

Susie said...

Dana, what do you think it could have been? It seemed large, but like I said, it was VERY dark. Thank you so much!

krk said...

Good Heavens !
Thought I would let you know months ahead that Zeke is going for his walk in the daylight ! LOL!
P.S. I'll bring a flash light !

krk said...

Forgot to answer your question.... may have been in it's space.....

Susie said...

aahahahahaha! Don't worry, you don't have to take him for a walk at night! LOL! We have a huge flashlight, big enough to club something, so you don't have to bring one! I just always forget it! I doubt I will anymore! So it could have been a dear, mad that I was in his space? Sheesh, testy lil creatures at times! Here I thought they were docile!
Thanks you! LYLAS!