Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Living Water

Amid the dark and dreary colors, is a splash of red! This little cardinal is taking a bath! Thanks to KRK, we have another beautiful picture! This picture reminds me of many things. I sometimes get inspired by pictures, or things that I see. The water represents THE LIVING WORD. We too get dirty, just like this little bird. It's hard not to, in this world that we live in. I'm not talking about physically dirty, but spiritually dirty. If we could see everything in the spiritual realm, we would probably pull up the covers and stay in bed. But there are also wonderful things in the spiritual realm...like God's Holy Angels, who are here to serve us. Then of course the most important person on earth, is the Holy Spirit. Jesus sent Him, when He ascended back up to heaven after His resurrection.

After Jesus was resurrected after His death on the cross, He was on the earth quite awhile before going back to His Father. He talked to the disciples, and taught them more during this time. When it was time for Him to finally leave for good, His disciples were sad to see Him go. So he told them that He had to leave, so that He could send them the Comforter. He also told them that the Comforter would also be their teacher. He said they had no need for an earthly teacher, because the Holy Spirit would teach them in the way they should go.

Never put your faith in people, but in God. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to teach us. Some say, that was a long time ago, so it doesn't apply for today. God is the SAME yesterday, today, and tomorrow. What He has said and done, way back when, is still in effect for us today. The Holy Spirit is still here with us, offering His teachings and guidance. He's the best teacher you could ever find! Bathe yourself in the Word of God, just as this Cardinal is bathing itself in the water. Then listen for that still, small voice. He is here and always will be....offering His help and guidance.
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krk said...

Your writings are beautiful !!
Such talent !

Susie said...

awwwwww thank you:)