Friday, April 13, 2007

The Bird House

Let me tell you the story about this little bird house. My Mom had a stroke five years ago, or so. She is angry about having had the stroke, and some of her anger has been towards God. She bought this bird house from a neighbor one day. She then asked me to hang it up for her outside. Me being of rather short stature, and not having a ladder....the bird house got hung on the highest branch I could reach! Maybe just 6 feet off the ground:) (If that!)

Mom kept asking me if a bird had built a nest in it yet. I kept checking, and none had. I told her that I doubted that one would, since it was so low to the ground. Then one day when I was coming into Mom's, I saw a bird peeking it's little head out of the house! Later I checked, and nesting material was also hanging out of the hole. We had a renter! I told Mom about it, and she seemed very happy. Then she told me why she had been so curious as to whether a bird had built in the house. She told God, that if He were send a bird to nest in this lowly hung bird house. It says not to "test" God, but I don't believe this was testing. This was a sincere question, that God chose to answer. He always answers questions like this:)
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