Monday, April 23, 2007

Life Is Miraculous

In a previous story, you will see eggs in a nest. KRK was able to get a picture of the new baby birds that hatched from those eggs! Life is so precious! Every creature and person has worth, and a reason for being here. I know this, as most of you do. There are those that take life for granted, and devalue human existence. People who use and abuse others. These people are so wrapped up in themselves, they believe that only they have purpose.

This type of person has many issues, that need to be dealt with by a mental health counselor. The sad part, they never go to a counselor, because they believe only they are right. They make a lot out of nothing, build a case, and act out. What do we do, when we have to deal with people like this? Very good question, one that I continue to ask myself, especially as of recently. I believe you watch, listen, and ask God to open your mouth only when needed. He will show you what to do, when the time is right. This picture that KRK sent to me, puts life in is vital, simple, unique, miraculous, and God inspired.
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