Monday, April 2, 2007


My sister in law sent this picture to my sister and other sister in law asking us if we knew where the light fixture on her new home came from. They recognized it right away, I didn't. It came from my Dad and Mom's house. It was the only thing my brother wanted. Now I remember it:) I remember sitting on the porch a lot when I was a kid. I played games out there, or colored in my coloring books while laying on the porch. We would have sparklers on the fourth of July, and this light was the only light we had outside, to light up our yard. Childhood memories, are so important. Always try to hold onto the good ones. I'm so glad my brother saved this light fixture before the house was torn down. It's like holding onto the good things from the past. This old fixture may not mean much to other people, but it did to my brother! Thank goodness he saved it:) I'm glad he did!
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