Saturday, August 30, 2008

S'no Teacher

Just wanted to update you on the situation at "the elementary school". My daughter called the principal and told him about the rudeness of his staff, on enforcing the rule of "no parent in the school without a visitors pass". She told him how no "hand out" had been given about this rule...and how she had scanned the school handbook on the subject, and nothing was stated in it about this rule. He informed her there is such a rule, because the children are encouraged to be independent....thus they NEED TO WALK IN BY THEMSELVES. He assured her that parents were ALWAYS welcome in the school, as long as they get a visitors pass first:)

He apologised to her for his staff when he heard how I was treated. She told him that "head shaking and eye rolling" was totally unprofessional. He agreed....and took the name of the teacher. He told her this would never happen again. We worry because Sara may get this teacher in third grade. If the teacher goes true to form, she will take something like this out on a child, I'm sure. The whole situation was like walking back into my grade school years....since the teacher and secretary reminded me of my 10 year old school mates way back when!

I disagree with the rule. It's so stupid. I don't think they are encouraging "parent involvement" when they aren't allowed in without going through a lengthy process, that in the end makes the child late for class. You can't go into the office, until the bell rings. By the time you get it, walk back to the other side of the building to take your child to their room...they are now tardy. As Kristie said, we just want to make sure she gets there all right. So we will take her to the front of the school, because it's closer to her room. Stand outside the door, and try to watch her to her room. But I believe I will step inside of the door...what are they going to do, arrest me? Sara wants us to walk her. She is very small for her age, and the other third graders are actually bigger than me. So I understand her fear, when the rush of a crowd pushes past you. Plus, how safe can she feel there after seeing how they tried to keep Grandma out? As far as school, she loves her class and teacher. She went to preschool, and always did well. She just needed a little more time to adjust to a large school, before walking in by herself. Even if she wasn't afraid, she is small....the others could knock her down very easily.

Yes Jan...I did feel like knocking her head off:) One reason I left the second time quickly....I wanted to smack her! I didn't want Sara and Hailey to see me get angry. Kristie had to do her first animation for computer class this week using a ball. So she made a snow man, a big wind...and the wind knocks the snow man's head off and it rolls away. She showed it to me, and said she was thinking about that teacher that stopped me when she made it:) I told her she should call it "S'NO TEACHER". We laughed and she told me I was getting her Dad's dry sense of humor! That's what happens after 30 years! *sigh*

You have to laugh at situations like this...or try to change the rules. I bet the school board isn't open to parents and grand parents, but that may be something we check into. I also agree with you Jan on the rule of waiting outside until the bell rings. What happens when it's storming? I never even thought about that! Sara will be waiting in the car with us until she can enter, but what about the kids whose parents just drop them off on their way to work?


Jan said...

It is so hard for me to relate to the increased security at our schools because I never experienced fear walking into school unless you count not studying for an algebra test. I do recognize that we need to make changes but shouldn't the parents be treated as part of the solution instead of the problem? The lack of respect of the office staff to the parents is a direct reflection from the district office on down. In my opinion the treatment you have received is the tip of the iceberg and your best solution is to continue to stay involved. Wow...and aren't I just a little ray of sunshine this morning??!

krk said...

After sending 3 off to kdg I must admit I only took them the 1st day after that they rode the bus.Children adjust to things so much better than adults because we love them and see the dangers of life,they look at life as one BIG adventure.I'm sure this well be just one of many for everyone.
Love Ya krk

Dana Delynn said...

I student taught in 3rd grade in Texas where some parents walked their kids to class. It was a great time for teachers to take advantage of meeting parents or catching up on things especially if something over the weekend happened that may affect how their child does in class for that day or week.

Susie said...

Thanks everyone for the comments! I just now found this. Dana, yes it is a great opportunity to talk to the parents if need be, or just to say "Good morning". I think it's important that the children feel the teacher and parents are friends. All the parents are walking their children in at the other door, so my daughter and I are too. I saw the principal there one day, and he didn't stop one parent to ask about a visitors pass, or me! None of them are getting the visitors pass. So perhaps it was this one teacher, I just don't know anymore. Jan, you may be right. KRK, Sara is now afraid to walk in by herself. I have been trying to get her to. She said she's afraid of the "adults"...not the children.