Thursday, August 28, 2008

God Needs A Visitors Pass Too

I just got back from taking Sara to school. I will say it was a harrowing experience again. As I said yesterday Kristie had no problem walking her to class. There is a young woman who walks around the outside of the school, looking very official. So I asked her about it, before the bell rang. She told me we ARE suppose to get a visitors pass in order to walk the children in. I told her I understood about security, but anyone could see I was just a Grandma. She laughed and said yes...not to worry about it today. She would go with me. She, Sara, Hailey, and I got into the door...and the same woman (teacher) stopped us. I believe she is the superintendents wife if I'm not mistaken. She thinks she is VERY IMPORTANT.

Again she went through her routine about the pass. I told her the security person was going to walk in with us for today. She gave her a dirty look, and told her she couldn't do that! I said "fine, I will get a pass." I couldn't walk through the school to go to the office. I had to DRIVE to the front of the school, go into the office to get it. I had to sign a book, stating the purpose of my visit, name, time in. Then the woman at the desk informed me I HAD to come back to sign out. I told her I thought it was ridiculous to have to do this just to walk your child to their room. Today Sara had five books in her bag, and it was HEAVY. She said that's the rules...I said yes, I know that now. Even though no one told Kristie, nor was the other mothers told. No sheet sent out, like they tried to imply.

We walked out of the front of the school, and around to the other door to take Sara to her room. She was late. I told them why she was late and apologised. The teacher's helper asked why she couldn't have walked in by herself. Pretty much this is what I got from everyone except the nice young security lady, who I'm afraid may be in trouble now for offering to walk me in. You know what, we need no reason to these people as to why we are walking a five year old to her room in the second week of school. They don't OWN the child. It's the parents right to do such things, even to set in on class if they should choose. As long as they don't bother the teacher or anyone is their God given right. Oh wait...I forgot, God isn't allowed in school any why should parents or grandparents be allowed? This is the reason we have to have security guards now for the public schools.

Hailey and I went back to the office, so that I could sign out. I asked the woman what time it was, so I could write it down. She acted as if it was a bother to tell me. I had no watch, so I had to ask. She told me and I wrote it down. As I turned to leave, I saw her out of the corner of my eye. She was looking at this guy, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. I stopped, turned around, and gave her the dirtiest look I could muster. It was the "Kimberly" look:)

Honestly I don't mind following rules, it was the WAY they did it. You give little peons an ounce of authority, and it goes to their heads. I know I'm not sounding too Christian right now, but I'm a little upset. This school as always assumed that there were no parental rights once your child begins kindergarten. They didn't even get a PTA until a few years back. I even went to the Principal when Kristie and Kimberly were going there to ask if we could start one. I thought it would be helpful to the school. He told me straight out, we don't want parents involved here. They let you come in to bring cookies though:)


Jan said...

Wow, so much for encouraging family involvement in your childs education.
BTW, I am glad you are writing more often...I enjoy your posts.

Susie said...

awwww thanks, Jan:) You're a sweetie!