Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My youngest daughter Kristie is going to college! I'm so very proud of her:) She is going into computer programming. So I'm babysitting my 4 and 5 year old grand daughters two days a week now. I can't think of a more fulfilling job!

Yesterday was a little trying, however. Sara just started kindergarten last week. Yesterday was the third time I had taken her to school, and Kristie had taken her all the other days. As we entered the school, I had Sara on one side of me, Hailey on the other...both holding my hands. Plus I was carrying Sara's book bag (Pink Princess one) and matching lunch bag. You have to stand outside and wait, until the school bell rings. Even though the girls and I have been right in front of the door when it rings (WE GET THERE EARLY), bigger kids shove their way in front of us every day almost knocking us over! So it is trying to just get in the door, without getting knocked over! I told Kristie the kids were bigger than me, and I was surprised to find out they were only third graders! I know I'm short...but felt better when my daughter told me they were bigger than her too.

As we got into the door, there was a rush of elementary students on all sides of us. About 10-15 feet in, I heard someone yelling, "Ma'am, Ma'am, MA'AM!!!!". It was a teacher that I remember when Kristie was in school, but can't place her name. To my horror, she was yelling to me over the roar of kids. She asked if Sara was a kindergarten student, and I said yes...while trying to get my grand daughters to the side of the hall to keep them from being run over, while I stopped to try to hear the teacher. She then said something to me that just did not not compute in my ever feeble, not had enough coffee, is it just 8:00 AM? pea picking little brain. She said, "MA'AM, YOU CAN NOT COME INTO THE BUILDING WITHOUT A VISITORS PASS!". All the while, the three of us are huddling to the side, to get out of the way of the stampede...I'm trying to digest what she has just said.

I said, I'm NOT VISITING... I'm just taking her to her class. She went on to tell me I couldn't do that without a pass! I then told her that I wasn't going to go into her room, I was just going with her to the door of her room. Again she said I couldn't do that without a pass! By this time I was FULLY EXASPERATED! Sara says to me, "Grandma, I will be okay...just give me a hug." So I hugged her, and asked her if she thought she could find her room. She said yes, we hugged again, and I gave her the book bag and lunch pail (which seem to be bigger than she!). Hailey and I stood in the same spot that we had been rudely halted in...and watched as little Sara carried all of her things through the huge crowd of children. As we stood there, the woman again yelled, "MA'AM...YOU HAVE TO LEAVE!" I told her I wouldn't leave until I saw that Sara got to her room. Just then, another large group of kids came in from the opposite hall, and Sara was consumed in the crowd. Hailey and I...still huddled to the side of the hall, couldn't see Sara. Her room was at the front of the building, and we were at the back of it. I got worried and started to walk down further, when the woman rudely stopped us again. I told her my grand daughter had been entrusted to my care for the day, and I wanted to make sure she found her room. Again she said I couldn't go any further. She also went on to say that this was the new rules on security (I had noticed alarms on all the doors) and that a paper had been sent out the week before. I told her my daughter hadn't told me about it. Again I was denied my request to walk down the hall to make sure Sara had gotten there safely. While Hailey and I watched down the hall, another mother was told she couldn't go in with her kindergartener to his room either.

I gave the teacher a disgusted look, and walked out. The mother that was turned away was waiting outside for me. I told her what the teacher had told me about a note sent home, and she said she had not received one. When my daughter got home that afternoon, she too had not received a note telling her that she could not walk Sara to her room. I talked to Kristie today, and she walked Sara to her room as usual, without being stopped. She is going to check into this further, to find out if there is such a rule.

In this day and age, I realize that security in the schools is essential with all the shootings that have happened in the past. The thing is, that's exactly why parents have the right to protect their children as well....even if it's a simple task to walk their 5 year old to his/her the second week of school. Now I'm reminded why I home schooled. If I had more coffee yesterday before going to the school, I would have been better prepared. If this happens again, I will take Sara and Hailey with me to the office so that I can get the sticker to put on my shirt saying "VISITOR"....and THEN I can walk my grand daughter to her room. The sad part is, while this teacher was watching me (the old Granny) like a hawk....several terrorists could have whizzed right past her. Where has common sense gone to?

I wonder if they had a meeting prior to school, detailing what a terrorist looked like? I can see the hand out being given to all the staff, with my picture on it.....
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*Note: The picture at the top isn't actually a picture of me...I'm not as pretty as she is:)


Anonymous said...

I do believe the teacher didn't have enough coffee to start her day ,I feel for her students. I do understand what they are doing to protect our little ones sometimes
I think we go overboard.
Have a great weekend ;o)

krk said...

Okay so I'm anonymous today ...right.....didn't like my password the 1st time.....

Jan said...

Didn't you want to go over there and pinch that teachers head right off at the shoulder?? I have to wonder whose brilliant idea it was to keep children standing outside until the bell rings...what happens when it's raining and how long do you think it will be before one of the smaller students is knocked down and injured?? DO YOU NEED FOR ME TO COME UP THERE?? Just kidding, but that type of ignorance drives me nuts too.

Susie said...

Hi guys:)

Thanks for the comments! I will post again to let you know what we found out!