Friday, August 15, 2008

The Ring

About 50 years brother brought home a beautiful diamond ring that he showed our Mom. I heard him whisper to her, I'm going to ask Judie tonight to marry me! Later that evening, Judie came over to eat dinner with us. We were all sitting around the table talking. At the time, I was only five years old. All I knew was that Jim had a ring to give to Judie...and I just had to tell her! So as soon as I could get her attention, I told her! Everyone stopped talking. My brother shot me a look, it almost looked like fire was coming out of his eyes! I had no idea what I had just done:(

So to both of you....I apologise for ruining the surprise! (It may be 50 years late) But your love isn't! I don't think I know of another couple as wonderful as you two!
Happy anniversary!
Love you:)

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Jan said...

Susie, that is a great story! Every family has at least one "surprise spoiler" and I'm afraid that was my role in my family. Like you, I never meant to spoil the surprise but I had to share the good news.