Monday, July 21, 2008

Prayer Requests

Last week we found out that my nephew, who was only 46...passed on to be with the Lord. It has taken me this long to even feel like writing on here. I would like to request prayer for my brother, his wife, their sons, and my nephew's two children and 4 year old grand son. The Lord is always our strength in times like this. We know He will never leave us, nor forsake us. We should be so happy that my nephew is in heaven with the Lord, but we will miss him very much. He just told his mother a week or so ago, that he knew God had healed him totally of all hurts from his past. He said he had never been happier in all his life. I believe God was preparing him for his journey home:)

Also, keep sister Taylor in prayer. We found out a few days ago her cancer has come back. She is in a nursing home at this time. Steve and I went to see her this past Saturday, and other Christians just happened to show up at the same time we did. When we first saw her, she looked so beaten and exhausted. We all prayed with her, and when we left...she was glowing and happy. She is fighting a battle, and we must hold her up.

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