Friday, July 4, 2008

Prayer Requests

*My Grand Daughter Akina has two  friends that went to Africa on a two week mission trip. We prayed for them to return safely. Both are home without incident, however, one has a virus...and they are not sure what it is. She is fainting and can barely move. Her name is Mikayla. Please pray that her doctors will be given knowledge as to what this is, and Mikayla will have a total healing.

*Continue praying for the the boys in the accident that I told you about. Sam is having surgery today again, on the urethra. Schuler may get his catheter out this week, and have his jaw unwired! Tom is doing better after his knee that is GREAT news!

*Also for a man who has suffered liver failure. Pray for him and his family.

*Sister Taylor is a dear soul who is 87 years young. She was diagnosed with cancer, had one breast removed. She had another surgery as well, recently. She was given the grim news that she had only two months to live, due to the  cancer. That was way before last Christmas! She is now off all her meds for pain, and asked to be off Hospice. She is now off. In order to get off hospice, she had to meet with the doctor and Hospice. Something I didn't know, while you are on hospice, you no longer can talk to your doctor. You have to go through Hospice, because the doctor has labeled you as "dead", no more that he can do but order you pain meds...which only hospice can talk to him about. She said no one gave her hope, and she believes in hope....and healing.

She walked into a meeting with hospice and her Doctor. Her doctor was bewildered! The last time she had seen her, she was in a wheel chair, unable to walk...had sent her home with heavy duty drugs, and a hospital bed. She informed the doctor she was doing fine, had stopped taking the pain meds months before, and wanted off hospice. The doctor allowed her to be off hospice, and was still bewildered as Sister Taylor told her that she knew God was healing her.

She has ministered to people all through her medical ordeals. She said she is ready to go home anytime, but doesn't feel she needs to go home by being sick:) She wants to pass her mission on before that is on her mind as well. She has helped many with food, clothing, prayer, and counseling women through many forms of abuse. Please keep this mighty woman of God in your prayers! She is a dear woman, whom I will always love admire, and treasure:)


akina said...

thank you so much for putting mikayla on your prayer list! she is feeling much better now thanks to all of yalls prayers!

Susie said...

You're most welcome hon! So glad she's better! Have fun at camp next week!! I know God will use this time to show you even more things!
Love you!