Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Predator And The Seed

I love feeding finches. I have two feeders by my living room that I can watch them eat...if I happen to be sitting on the couch.
Today was one of those days!
I wondered why there were so many finches this morning. They were hysterical! They were fighting over the best perch, while others hung to the side. Still others were sitting on top of the feeder, patiently waiting their turn.
All of a sudden, a HUGE dark shadow came over the ground. Above them was the BIGGEST hawk I had ever seen! Then to my horror, there were two others! Three hawks circled my feeder....and my sweet little finches!
Before I knew it, I was at the window..raised it, and was yelling at the hawks.
Some of the finches flew away, very low.....staying away from the hawks. There were some finches that didn't leave. They aren't afraid of me, because they have come to know me.
Would you believe that when the feeder is empty, they will hang on the screen of the try to tell me I need to fill it? Hard to believe, but true! They also won't fly away while I'm filling the feeder...they stay close by.
Anyway, the hawks kept circling, so I clapped my hands...and they finally flew away to the woods across the field. The few finches that had stayed,
kept on eating...knowing that I would keep them safe.
We need to trust in God in the same way. When the enemy comes to devour us,
just trust in God and keep on feeding from His Word.
Today must have been one of those days that God wanted me to write about these things. This post goes along with the last one. I didn't even know that until now:)

*Note: Something else came to mind while cleaning the house. So I want to add it here.
The Finch that flew away from the feeder were in danger by doing so. The ones that stayed at the feeder, were safe....
because the hawks wouldn't come near me.
So if we stay under God's protection we are safe.
It's only when we run scared and away from God, are we in true danger.


Jan said...

I love finches too and hummingbirds. I had 6 hummingbirds at my feeder at one time this week and that was a first for me.

Susie said...

You know I was always going to get a hummingbird feeder, and never did. I love them too! Six at one amazing!