Monday, October 20, 2008

My Brothers And Sister

This past year has made me realize how we all need to cherish life, it is but for a moment we are here. My brothers, sister, and I all live many miles away from one another. I have missed so many happy events due to this! Births, marriages, graduations, on and on. Even though we are miles apart, I know I can always count on these three people to be there for me if I needed them to be! From left to right, is Mike, me, Sharon, and Jim. I love you three more than words can express! This picture was taken last Saturday by my wonderful sister in law Kathy:) She is the camera "woman" in our family! Thank you sister!


krk said...

How wonderful to check your blog and see this ;o)I say these are very lucky siblings to have each other. Good looking bunch ;o)
Your picture taking sister in law
P.S. I'm lucky also I get to be in this family ;o)

Susie said...

awwww...we are the lucky ones to have you in our family! I just wish you, Judy, Steve, and Tom were in the picture too. Love you!

Dana Schmoyer said...

I was just telling my husband about you (again) and showing him your blog, I think this is the first picture I've seen of you. Nice to put a face with your name!