Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Look Up

Looks like my dog is looking up at something here. Not sure what he had in his sites. Sometimes in life, when things aren't going as well as we would like them, we too have to look up, and just rest and wait. To me the waiting seems almost impossible. That's where we learn "patience", that word that I absolutely hate! :) Never ask God for patience, for He will put you into situations that requiere it! I learned that lesson a long time ago. We all have to go through situations like that, however. It's called "growing in the Lord". This picture here of Zeke, seems serene. That's what we have to do. While going through trials, find a place where you can rest. Then just simply wait on the Lord, and look up. He will finish the work He started.


Dana Delynn said...

This is one of the main lessons God is/has teaching/taught me throughout my life. I have prayed before for patience, and have since stopped, but "secretly" still wanted it. God has been great lately though giving blessings and making sure I know that they are ALL from Him! Do we ever become an expert at patience?

Susie said...

There are people I think that become experts. I for one haven't gotten there yet! I bet Billy Graham is an expert. I saw him the other day on TV dedicating a library he is opening. That man is amazing:)He is 80 some years old now...and on a walker. All these president's were there, that he has helped in years past. That alone, must have taken great patience! But I wonder if he has gotten to the place where he "feels" he is an expert at patience? Wish I could ask him.