Friday, December 12, 2008

The Land Crab Story

There is a time for laughter:) Lately things have been a a little rough. So I decided it was time to degrade and humiliate myself, by telling you a TRUE story about my 5 year old grand daughter, Sara. I told my daughters I would NEVER tell this story on my blog. Well, guess what? You get to hear it!

Sara came this summer and spent a couple of nights with Grandma and Grandpa. She asked me a hundred million questions CONSTANTLY. She is so eager to learn new things. I hear that she goes back home and totally bores her Mom with "Grandma said this or that..." as if I'm the expert on ALL things great and small! I have done my job well:)

This particular time, she was interested in all the wild life that comes around our place. She asked questions about the deer, coyotes, fox, possum, and snakes. We went over all of this, hundreds of times. While outside she saw a lot of holes in the ground. She asked me what they were. I told her I assumed that they were snake or gopher holes....and that they made their homes under the ground. I also told her that my Aunt Zoe said they were land crab holes. But then explained to her that I didn't believe that Crabs lived in Illinois, but Aunt Zoe said she had seen them. We even looked them up on the Internet, so Sara could see what Crabs looked like. According to the article we read, Crabs don't live in Illinois. So my Aunt Zoe's story of seeing them, has always confused me. Do we or don't we have them in Illinois?

After Sara went home, of course she bored her Mommy with all the animal stories. One day, Kristie and Josh had friends over. They were all in the living room talking. Sara has turned into quite a social butterfly, and LOVES talking to adults. As they were all talking, Sara goes to the middle of the room, and says in quite a loud voice..."Guess what, my Grandma has Crabs!" A hush fills the room, and EVERYONE BEGINS LAUGHING! My daughter was probably the only one not laughing, and tried to explain what Sara meant. Now, since there are NO LAND CRABS in Illinois, do you think they believed my daughters story? I hope to high heavens I never have to meet these friends! *sigh*


Jan said...

Susie, I love that story and glad you were brave enough to share. Dignity is higly overrated and mine has been gone for won't even miss it!

krk said...

Some time in our lives we just have to get WILD !! Thanks for sharing ;o)You made my day !

Susie said...

I'm still amazed Sara didn't say, "Grandma has Deer, Coyotes...." Oh HAD to be the big "C"! I truly doubt that Kristie's friends took her explanation as true. Jan, if you see my dignity walking around anywhere, send it home! hahaha!