Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prayer Requests

My brother Mike went in for a routine stress check up on Monday, and flunked. So they did a few other tests, and he flunked those too. Next thing he knew, he was having open heart surgery, a double bipass. All reports are good, and we thank God for those! I also believe God's hand was on him, for it to be found in the way it was. My brother Jim a few months back went in for a routine check up and was in surgery as well. He is doing great now! Please keep Mike in your prayers, that he have a speedy recovery. Also pray for strength and peace for his wife and family. Life is so precious, which is what this last year has imposed on me.

Also keep Sister Taylor in prayer. She is on a lot of medications for pain, which she does not like. Her back broke, a few weeks back, due to the cancer. I tried to feed her one day, and she didn't want to eat. She told me she had "meat to eat" that I knew not of. That's straight out of the Bible. meaning that her nourishment is coming from God, not man. Even as she suffers, her thoughts are still with God, and only wants His plan for her life. There were saints back in the Bible times, and her name is written with them.


Dana Schmoyer said...

Lifting up prayers. Praise God he is in control.

Susie said...

Thank you Dana:)