Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's That On Your Face?

I used to look at older ladies, and wondered why on earth they painted such thick black eyebrows on their faces. I think I now know! When you get older, you lose your ability to see up close. You can't wear glasses, while putting on makeup. Thus, you THINK you have put on your makeup properly, when in reality you just might look painted! The joys of old age:) Recently my daughter has told me several times..."Mom...your make up is smeared". She rubs it off, and I'm sure it's smeared BECAUSE I COULDN'T SEE WHEN I PUT IT ON! *sigh*

There is an upside to this though! YOU ALSO CAN'T SEE THE NEW WRINKLES ON YOUR FACE! There is something else I have discovered, I think God allows us to get grey, because lighter color hair softens the wrinkles:) I color blond because of this! I'm very close to not coloring, and letting the gray show! It would be a lot easier. There is a time when you realize that you are growing MUCH older than you wanted. My time is now! I have also gained a lot of weight, which no matter what I do, doesn't come off.
Another *sigh*

With age, also comes grand children! To me this is the biggest plus ever of growing old! Grand children are the icing on the cake, so to speak. God ALWAYS gives us something to look forward to in EVERY age. When I get even older, and unable to get out of bed, I bet it will be someone bringing me the bed pan! May I put one more *sigh* in here?


Dana Delynn said...

You made me smile appreciating the thins God gives us (or takes away) with growing up. :) I've been blind as a bat for a while, and the last couple of years my eyes haven't liked contacts. Luckily my husband doesn't like makeup 'cause I don't like wearing it. When I did for work 'cause it was "professional" I would put my contacts in to do my make up, then take them out and wear my glasses for the day. Now I'll have a new way of viewing ladies with big eyebrows!!!

Susie said...

Hey Dana! Yesss...I didn't realize this until it happened to me! I told my daughter that it was a good thing I just used powder and mascara! Can you imagine what i would look like otherwise? hahaha! BTW, you don't need makeup! You're pretty.... I on the other hand, need all the help I can get! :o)