Monday, September 22, 2008

Excuse me ...Mr. Obama?

One of the deadly sins to talk about, I politics. One that I swore I wouldn't even mention on my blog. However, I'm a little upset with the elitists comments that Senator Barrack Obama made at a San Francisco campaign fundraiser...saying "that small town people cling to their guns and religion because they are bitter."

Excuse me Mr Obama? Isn't the right to "freedom of religion" and the right "to bear arms" mentioned in our constitution? Do you have a different constitution than mine? Do you have a different constitution than the rest of the country? Or could it be that ONLY small town people BELIEVE in their country and Constitution? That belief must be perceived by you as being "bitter"? It's a shame you're an Illinois Senator...voted in by a LOT of "bitter small town people"....since most of Illinois is rural. I can take a sigh of relief in my own conscience, because I was one of the few that did not vote for you.

I believe in the right of a child to be born, the freedom of religion, a right to bear arms, and of free speech. Because of free speech, you were allowed to make the statement you made. Now I have the freedom to judge the fruit of your statement, and make a few statements myself, if you don't mind. Freedom is a gift, that many have died for to protect us. I don't believe they were considered "bitter" for believing and dying for those freedoms you mention in disgust. They died for you and all of us. May God open your eyes, sir. I'm not angry at you at all...just disappointed. I thought you were better than that.

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