Sunday, April 27, 2008

On Cherry Street And The Pet Rat

Yesterday my husband and I met our daughter for breakfast. We had a fun day! We spent the morning looking at new plants at this large nursery. As we got ready to part, my daughter gave me a book, that I had given her many years ago. It was a very old book, that meant so much to me. She and I read it together when she was young:) It was an old reader from school, that I had read as a child..."On Cherry Street". Today it's probably an antique! I looked in it last night, and saw all the scribblings on the pages, and wondered if she had drawn them. Back then I would have probably scolded her for writing in a book, but now they are treasures! How I love each and every scribble in this book. They mean far more to me than any riches in the world!

I remember back to the days when she was little, how I miss those days! She was always climbing trees, pitching balls, playing on the swing set with the neighborhood kids, and making friends with every stray animal that came into our yard! That's how we got Garfield, our cat...when she was only about 6 or so. She and her Dad were in the back yard cleaning fish. When they saw a small black kitten crying with hunger at the smell of the fish. My husband, who doesn't like cats, even felt sorry for this one. Someone had dunked the little thing in tar. We wondered how anyone could do that to a kitten. It took weeks to slowly pull the tar off of him. He was so small. When we were done getting all the tar off, we were surprised to see a beautiful white kitten...with gorgeous markings! She loved that cat from day one!

She also gave me something else yesterday. A package with a gummy pet rat! I had bought her the same kind when she was a child....and they are very hard to find. I didn't know they still made them! Way back when, for some reason we got into an argument over something. To this day, I don't remember what it was about! I was out shopping one day, and saw this large gummy rat. She loved that kind of candy, plus she had I knew she would like it. I took it to her, as a peace offering. As soon as she saw it, she laughed. A few years later I was cleaning out her closet. I found a fuzzy, sticky long a pocket of her coat. I looked at it closely, and it was the the pet rat! I asked her about it later, and she said she wanted to save it:) It meant something special to both of us, and so she hadn't ate it. But unwrapped it and carried it in her coat pocket.

I will treasure the book, and gummy rat that she gave me yesterday! I will not unwrap my rat though! They don't do well in the air without a wrapper! I put the book and rat on my pie safe, and there they will stay forever! Wrapped in many fond memories and love of my daughter:)
Love you honey!

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